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KOCCA Introduction - Kocca Europe

KOCCA Introduction

Korea Creative Content Agency stands beside those aiming for the promotion of the content industry of Korea.

Korea Creative Content Agency (hereafter kocca) was established on May 7, 2009 to efficiently support the growth of the cultural industry by combining Korea Broadcasting Institute, Korea Culture and Content Agency, Korea Game Industry Agency, Cultural Contents Center, and Digital Contents Business Group of Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency according to Article 31 of the Framework Act on Cultural Industry Promotion.

kocca is an agency dedicated to promoting all areas for content. We establish a comprehensive support system to nurture the content industry, and aim to develop kocca conducts various support businesses to help Korea’s content industry grow into a global leader in the creative economy.

First, we promote human resource development projects to acquire valuable human resources that form the basis of creativity and develop policies for the promotion of the content industry. We also support the development of specialized culture technologies from design to production, the commercialization of contents, and the promotion of various overseas expansion projects to develop the content industry into an export industry. Furthermore, we encourage digital broadcasting projects, promote game distribution, and carry out digitalization projects aimed at strengthening cultural content which can be used as a subject matter.

kocca will proactively respond to the content convergence environ-ment, and focus on developing carefully selected killer contents to lead the global content market.