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Greetings from the President - Kocca Europe

Greetings from the President

Thank you for visiting the kocca website.

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Song Sung-gak, the president of the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

The importance of the content industry is increasingly recognized.

The government emphasizes strengthening the creative content industries as a core driving force of the ‘national happiness,’ and ‘cultural prosperity’ among the four major national keynotes. KOCCA is standing in the forefront to achieve this goal.

As Korea’s content industry grows every year, it is expected to reach 95 trillion won sales, with export earnings of 5500 million dollars in 2014.

However, there are still some risk factors.

These include Asian bias in the content export markets, shrinking of the gaming market, the ‘Cash Cow,’ and a huge rise in the Chinese capital.

Therefore, in order to remove these risk factors and help each field of Korea’s content industry grow into a global leader in the world, the Korea’s premiere government creative content agency, KOCCA should change first.

First, with the strategy of the ‘Selection and Concentration,’ we will assure to identify and expand policies to give practical help and support to the industry.

Moreover, we will establish a comprehensive system to nurture the content industry and strengthen the infrastructure for independent production companies.

In addition, KOCCA will support the promotion of various overseas expansion projects to develop the content industry into the export industry.

Contents Korea Lab, which began last year, will continue to discover creative stories and nurture professionals in an effort to make the “creative ecosystem of the hub.”

KOCCA will continue to develop policies such as the story telling that strengthens the foundation of creative environments and supporting resources.

Most importantly, KOCCA will continue to strive to become an organization that is loved and trusted by everyone and to contribute to the improved cultural life of everyone.

To serve as a ‘creative strategist’ that will lead advancement of Korea’s content industries and to strengthen Korea as the world’s best content industry, all our employees are always ready to listen to your opinions.

We appreciate your continued support and interest in KOCCA.

Thank you.

Song Sung-gak
President & CEO of the Korea Creative Content Agency